On January 10, 1948, my father-in-law, Jimmy Ryan, wrote to his sister, Helen. Here is a belated meditation about it (JD to Barbara Ryan, thanking her for sharing the letter via email):

Thanks, Barbara. What strikes me is how simple yet sincere the letter is. It’s a ‘day in the life of’ kind of letter, with all the mundane-isms you might find in an email today. But of course in 1948 they were still 40 years before mainstream email usage. I felt sad at the end, when he writes, I have to go “and get along about my work.” It made me wish he had lingered there a bit longer, said a little more, shared one more piece of information that would tell me more about him. It reminded me of how strangely short our lives are, and that we don’t realize that when we are absorbed by our work and just living life. I like the expression, Live every day as though it was your last,” because it feels like if you do that, then you will have few regrets. It is a really nice letter from a brother to his sister. 

Thanks for sharing.