I have a big favor to ask:

I want you to take a short survey that will help an early-stage startup company that is launching this spring (go directly to the survey!).

Here’s what’s in it for you:

First, you get to help shape the beginnings of a brand-new company by giving your views on important aspects of customer service; second, you can follow the course of an early-stage startup as it enters the market; and third, you can win an iTunes gift card for doing it!

Here’s the background:

I currently have the opportunity to advise this early-stage startup that’s breaking into the online customer service rating business.

Many companies and research firms today are talking about customer service and user experience; this startup is taking a decidedly fresh approach to it.

We’re running a survey to discover your preferences for customer service when you shop online.

The company, which is in stealth mode (meaning, it has not formally launched yet), will use the survey responses to build key aspects of its strategy and business.

Here’s the link to the survey (it takes about 3 minutes to complete):


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Thanks for your help!